Digital Tachograph software and analysis

The birth of Digital Tachograph in May 2006 brought with it the introduction of a wide range Tachograph Analysis software options. A large number of companies have opted for online Digital Tachograph Analysis software solutions whilst others prefer to analyse themselves using stand-alone Tachograph analysis software.

On the face of it, stand-alone solutions seem more cost effective but you have to consider that somebody needs to manage the system and invariably you will be limited to analysis at one site. If you have multiple sites then online options will allow you to collect data from multiple locations and users from each site can have access to the analysis if required. Tachosys have added further value to online systems by ensuring that all data can be centralised directly to the online analysis provider.

It is important to note that all Tachosys products work with all software options.

Digital Tachograph analysis systems and stand-alone software which support Tachosys products

The Stoneridge Optac3 solution provides the best of both worlds as you can choose from an online proposition or a fully installed system at your main site. The online price has a direct correlation to the number of drivers and vehicles. Optac3 provides support for Analogue charts and Digital uploads.
A purely online analysis service priced at £1 per driver per week plus 50p per vehicle. Tachomaster has full support for all Tachosys products and you can manage your hardware connections straight through the online interface.
Convey is an integrated software platform for compliance and operations for those with small or larger fleets. Convey drives business efficiency through automated alerts, consistent and complete data and access to tools via web, mobile app or desktop interfaces. It is easy to use and fully cloud based.
The FTA boasts a slightly more hands on membership service for the analysis of Charts and Digital Data all managed online. As a contract service the rates will vary depending on the level of service required. The FTA also resell a range of stand-alone software options.
TruTac's TruControl product is the UK’s leading tachograph analysis system for HGV and PSV operators. The web based system offers fast, accurate analysis and reporting for digital and analogue tachograph compliance. Competitive prices combined with excellent support make TruTac the right choice for all compliance needs.
Aquarius offers ClockWatcherELITE, the operator’s choice of online tachograph analysis software with numerous integrations to streamline transport operations. The team provide a fully supported Tachosys remote downloading solution.
Novadata are a great source of all Tachosys products. Novadata resell the Smartanalysis service and resell a range of stand-alone software solutions including Tachotek.
Tachodisc offer a full Tachograph bureau service. They resell both the Smartanalysis and Vision services. Tachodisc resell all of the Tachosys range and they have a full service for Remote Tachograph download.
Now part of the Descartes group, Smartanalysis offers both online and stand-alone options (Solo Plus). The systems support both Chart and Digital data analysis. Smartanalysis is also available via a number of UK bureaux.

Online options in the rest of Europe

Web IDHA is becoming extremely successful in major parts of Europe and in particular Scandinavia. A feature rich system for Digital Tachograph users with full support for all Tachosys Products including Remote Download.
Tacho NU
Tacho NU, based in The Netherlands offers the Web IDHA service together with stand-alone software.
BG Service
Based in Denmark BG Service offer Web IDHA and Optac software.
Based in The Netherlands, CASU Ultrecht offer the Optac software from Stoneridge.
OOLive of France has a unique business which centres around Tachosys products such as the digipostpro and digiDL. Their business is all about centralising the collection of Tachograph data.
Phelect in Belgium resell the software of Solid from France.
Based in Belgium OpenICT offer their own stand-alone software called Opsilog.
Roadsoft of The Netherlands have their own stand-alone software; Roadsoft.
Based in Hungary Szelpo resell software called TachoControl.
Haug are based in Germany and they produce their own software under the Tachonova brand. Haug resell only the digifob from Tachosys. So refer directly to Stoneridge GmbH for Tachograph download equipment.