The Smart Tachograph (Generation 2)

What is a Smart Tachograph

The Digital Tachograph and the new Smart Tachograph are recorders of the professional drivers’ activities (rest and driving hours). They provide trustworthy information to EU enforcers controlling compliance with Social Regulation (EC) No 561/2006. The new Smart Tachograph will become mandatory on 15 June 2019. The Smart Tachograph will include some 'smart' features.

  • GPS or GNSS This will create location records that will be automatically recorded at the start and end of each journey, together with every three hours in between.
  • A DSRC that will make it possible for enforcement officers to remotely detect possible fraudulent activity. The data will be limited and will simply indicate whether there are faults or infringements currently recorded on the equipment. This will mean that authorities can limit their activities to more suspect vehicles and save the time of innocent operators and drivers.
  • The Smart Tachograph will introduce a new Drivers' card based on the new standard as described in the EU document 'Annex 1C'.

What do I need to do?

There will certainly be some considerations for operators.

  • Driver Cards will be replaced as they come up for renewal so will not contain the new data until they comply with 'Annex 1C'. It will be legal to use an older card with a new Smart Tachograph and vice versa.
  • You will need to make sure that your Tachograph Analysis Software can read the new Driver Card and Vehicle data as set out in 'Annex 1C'.
  • If you have a vehicle fitted with a Smart Tachograph or your drivers have a new Driver Card then the firmware of your download equipment will need to be updated in order to parse the new data. If your equipment cannot be updated then you will need to replace it.

When will it be introduced?

Official introduction is 15th June 2019.

Tachosys Download Tools

The good news for our customers is that Tachosys products are generally updateable via the Internet. As we release firmware updates customers using digiConnect on the desktop who are connected to the Internet will be prompted to upgrade automatically. The upgrade path for our connected products such as digiDL and digipostpro will vary by vendor so please check with your analysis provider.

Our Smart Tachograph (Gen 2) compatible software and firmware were published on Gen 2uesday - 2nd April 2019.

Please download the compatibility overview to check products and the required upgrade actions. If you have any questions then please contact Tachosys or your reseller for more information on upgrades.

Click here to download the Smart Tachograph (Gen2) compatibility guide.