• digiCentral-Local

    digiCentral-Local works as a host for all Tachosys hardware and in particular remote download.

  • Supports digipostpro and digiDL devices together with hand held devices when used in conjunction with digiconnect
  • Includes scheduling for driver cards and vehicles for remote download
  • Internal slot for Company Card
  • Lan connection for local wan or for Internet connectivity.
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  • digiCentral-Web

    A product specifically for service providers. Provides online support for all Tachosys devices.

  • Allows registration and management of all devices by customer.
  • Comprehensive debugging and monitoring tools
  • Supports scheduling for Driver Cards and Vehicles
  • Will forward data files and real time driver data to any system. Tacho Files, Real Time Drivers' Hours, GPS and Telematics data.
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  • digiCard-Hotel

    The digiCard-Hotel allows resellers to host up to 20 Company Cards.

  • Supports multiple organisations and accounts
  • Used only in conjunction with digicentral-Web
  • Totally self contained processing and management
  • Built in LAN
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