Our online store is intended for distributing spare parts and products which are not generally distributed by our resellers.

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digifobpro Battery (1st Gen) DFPBATT

Replacement battery for out of warranty repair.

digifobpro Charger (1st Gen) DFPPS

Charger for digiFobPro. Provides DC 9V, 1.6A.

USB Cable Type A-B DUSB01

Replacement cable for use with digiDock.

digiprint DPR01

Thermal printer which works directly with the digiFobPro (1st Gen).

digifobpro Tacho Cable (2nd Gen) DFP02-TC

For connecting digiFobPro (2nd Gen) to a Tachograph Unit.

digifobpro Silicon Case (2nd Gen) DFP02-SC

Replacement case for digiFobPro (2nd Gen).

USB Cable Type A-Mini USBAM-180

For use with digiFobPro (2nd Gen).

USB Vehicle Charger PSUSB-12V

For connecting to a vehicle's DC power. Can be used with digiFobPro (2nd Gen).

Wall Charger (EU) PSUSB-EU

For use with 2 pin EU wall sockets. Can be used with digiFobPro (2nd Gen).

Wall Charger (UK) PSUSB-UK

For use with 3 pin UK wall sockets. Can be used with digiFobPro (2nd Gen).

digicard DC01

Card reader for use with Tachograph driver cards.

digiblu DB01

Provides a bluetooth interface to a Tachograph device.

digivu+ DVP01BB

Extends the functionality of digivu or digiblu to include reading of driver cards. digivu not included.

digipostpro Power Supply (UK) DPPPS

For use with 3 pin UK wall sockets. Suitable for digiPostPro.

digivu to PC Adapter DV-USB

Connects digiVu versions 4.1+ to a PC via USB.

digiDL Standard Loom DDL-TC

Standard loom also available from your digiDL reseller.

digiDL Y Cable DDL-CY

Plug used for sharing CAN-C connection to the Tachograph.

digiDL Double Plug DDL-DP

Adapter for Mercedes and Volvo trucks fitted with double plug.

digiDL Power Cable Extension DDL-TCX

Extension power cable for digiDL.

digiDL CAN termination plug DDL-TM

Allows termination of a third parties RED Plug where the third party is not actively reading data from CAN-C.

digiDL Download Button DDL-DB

Connects to the serial input port of the digiDL.

digifobpro WiFi Module DFP02-WMOD

WiFi module for the digifobpro