digiDL Fitting

Installation Troubleshooting

The digiDL has three LED indicators. If you are fitting a digiDL and any one of the LEDs is flashing or is not illuminated then you must read on. If all LED indicators are glowing solid then you are good to go.

P Power okay No Power Server task is in progress
C CAN okay No CAN Infers intermittent CAN connection
W Comms okay No Comms Initiating Comms with GPRS or WiFi

Red LED is not illuminated

Check that you have permanent power. Try a different wiring loom.

Green LED is not illuminated, or flashing

  • CAN-Bus C (red plug) connector is not connected correctly.
  • The Tachograph may not be of the correct type. Please check the Tachograph model number for compatibility.
  • Manufacturer may not have enabled the Secondary CAN-Bus (CAN2). This is common for DAF and Renault vehicles. You will need take the vehicle to a calibration station.
  • The Tachograph may not support rear port downloads. You may need to activate remote download via the front port. Commonly seen in Volvo, Renault and most vans and 12 volt vehicles. Check the Tachograph model to confirm.
  • The secondary CAN-Bus speed may be set incorrectly for the vehicle type. This applies mostly to newer Mercedes heavy vehicles. This setting can be changed remotely by the provider from the server if there is no local configuration possible.

Blue LED is not illuminated

  • Check that the ignition is ON.
  • Check that the digiDL is not too close to other communications devices.
  • Check that the SIM card is present and that the APN settings have been correctly made.

Blue LED is flashing

  • A slow flash suggests that the SIM card is failing to get onto the mobile network.
  • Check the APN settings and that the SIM card has been enabled for data.
  • Sim card may be pin locked.
  • A fast flash suggests that the unit has got onto the mobile network but is failing to attach to the server. Check that the Host Name is correct for the provider and that the provider has correctly registered the device.

Important - digiDL placement information

Please make sure you do not place the digiDL too close to other comms devices.

Preferably place the unit flat with the antenna placed as close to an exterior panel of the vehicle as possible.