Exhibitions: Face-to-Face

By Joe Stevens / September 2021


Within the space of two months, we’ve had more contact through face-to-face interaction with people than we have over the previous two years. While trying not to mention the ‘c’ word, as a team we have really enjoyed being able to exhibit at two shows; the ITT Hub (30 June – 01 July) and more recently the CV Show (31 August – 02 September).

With both 2020 events postponed, we redesigned our stand, updated our infamous resellers panel and created some new graphics including our 30-year panel. Having been exhibiting at the CV Show since 2008, we’ve been through our fair share of stand set-ups. In 2019, we decided to invest in a more versatile system that makes transport and set-up much easier and that also allows us to customise our layout for each event; utilising our panel designs to give maximum visibility and impact.

This year was the first ITT Hub at Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre and with the final step of the ‘roadmap out of lockdown’ having just been delayed, we were impressed by the preparation of the event organisers to enable the exhibition to continue. With masks-on and sanitiser at the ready, we were pleased to be able to catch up with many of our resellers, end-users and other industry leaders. ITT Hub has a clear focus on the transition towards net-zero, with a great seminar programme prompting interesting conversations; exploring what the future of the transport industry might look like. It’s important for us to keep on the front foot of industry developments to ensure that we are able to innovate proactively. Being in an environment that encourages unity towards the future of the commercial vehicle world, is the place where we feel we get to understand, progress ideas and contribute.

The CV Show, held at the Birmingham NEC had been rescheduled from April 2020 to August 2021 so we were glad to be back. A number from our team gave up their August bank holiday weekend to travel and set-up our stand. With carpet and electrics already in place it didn’t take long for the frame, fabric, pods and lighting – oh and the coffee machine – to all be in place. The CV Show is currently the larger of the two events, and although both were clearly impacted by covid (oops I said it), it was really nice to finally see so many smiling faces (without masks). It was another important opportunity to catch up with our resellers, discover what others within the industry are doing and even to try out some amazing cookie samples from We Do Dough.

As a B2B (business to business) company, one of the things we love about exhibiting is the opportunity to talk with end-users of our products. Conversations with drivers, law-enforcement officers, depot and fleet managers often spark ideas and inspiration for future developments to products, or in fact entirely new products. It also gives us a context to showcase some of our latest features, talk in more detail about how our products can be used in specific situations or locations and to provide little training or troubleshooting sessions.

While the 2021 exhibition season is over for us, we are looking forward to more conversations, more face-to-face meetings and to see our current ideas brought to completion in the coming months. We’ll be back at both the ITT Hub and the CV Show next year and if we don’t see you beforehand, we look forward to seeing you there.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch, feel free to drop me an email – joe@prosysdev.com

Photo Credit: ITT Hub

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