Remote download for digital tachographs with GPS

Key features
  • Download any EU digital tachograph which supports remote download
  • Precise GPS vehicle tracking
  • Supports tachographs requiring front port (K-Line) for remote download
  • Remote authentication of Company card
  • Centralised scheduling of downloads
  • Sends data to your analysis provider
  • Remote firmware updates
  • Device configuration via USB

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Installation guide
Preparing Stoneridge tachographs
Cable decision tree

Product Description

The digiDL-E allows you to remotely download Driver cards and Vehicle Units whilst at the same time tracking their movement in real time.

The system shows the activity mode of the driver and how much driving time is available; essential information for planners.

You can also keep an eye on over speeding and aggressive driving behaviour (based on GPS), all on a timeline and integrated map. Please note that as these services are offered by relevant resellers, the nature of services will vary.

Connection to Vehicle Unit via CAN-C or via front port (K-line) when this is required by the tachograph.

Product Accessories
Enhanced Tacho Cable

Enhanced loom for connecting to tachograph.

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