The first Dedicated Digital Tachograph Driver Card Reader

digicard was designed to combat support issues around Windows support for card readers. digicard also provides easy archiving and specific support for our Remote Download solution, digiDL. Software developers can fully integrate digicard controls into their application.

  • Acts as a HID (Human Interface Device)
  • Supplied with easy archiving solution (digiConnect)
  • Card reading unhindered by Windows
  • Windows does not interfere with Remote Desktop sessions
  • Support and special controls for multiple digicard readers
  • Transfer files directly to any digiCentral server via digiConnect
  • Complete integration with digiDL remote download solution

Technical Specifications

  • HID (Human Interface Device), no additional drivers required
  • Powered by USB 1.1/2.0/3.0
  • Supports data transfer to digiCentral servers
  • Approved by Tachosys for remote download use
  • Removable heavy duty base
  • 1 metre cable
  • LED indicators; Green: active, Red: Busy