digifob (Mark I)

Our highly successful digifob launched in 2007 and was the only way for drivers to view their activities and infringements without using analysis software. This product was superceded by the current model in 2013. If you are still using this product then it is possible to change the batteries yourself and you will need 2 X SR44 cells.

digifobpro (Mark I)

The original digifobpro was available from 2006 to 2015. This highly successful download tool provided both Vehicle and Driver Card download with full analysis. There are some spares available for the original digifobpro just check out the Shop on our website.



digipostpro (Mark I)

This model of the digipostpro is still on sale as at September 2019 but will be gradually superceded as stocks diminish for the new model shown on our website. This product is a feature in up to 12,000 depot sites where it reliably collects both Driver Card and Vehicle files and passes them directly to a host of different analysis software providers. This product is still supported and parts are available for repair outside of warranty. Talk to your reseller about options.