• digiDL

    Remote Download

    One of the first and now most developed solutions for Remote Download of Digital Tachographs

  • RRP £300
  • Easy to fit and setup
  • Fully integrated and supported by all major analysis providers across Europe
  • Totally unattended download of Driver Cards and Vehicle Units to any schedule
  • Includes additional data such as Real Time Drivers' Information available via many resellers
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  • digiDL-E

    Remote Download & GPS Tracking

    The digiDL-E version provides all the functions of digiDL but adds GPS Tracking and K-Line

  • RRP £360
  • Provides precise GPS tracking
  • Additional connections for external devices
  • Full Remote Download of Driver Cards and Vehicles from your Digital Tachographs
  • K-Line feature supports front port download of VDO Tachographs
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  • digiDL-EX

    Remote Download, GPS & Telematics

    All the functions of the digiDL-E but with additional connection to your vehicle's Telematics

  • RRP £420
  • Provides data on vehicle parameters such as Fuel Levels, Axle Weight, Engine Revs, Odometer...
  • Provides GPS Tracking data
  • Full download of Driver Cards and Vehicle to any schedule
  • Features K-Line inputs and additional analogue and digital inputs
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